No. 123 July 2020 Aseem Paranjape ( Manjiri Mahabal ( Available online at Follow us on our face book page : inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics The Introductory Summer School, and Refresher Course in Astronomy and Astrophysics was organized together, by IUCAA during May 11 - June 12, 2020. Due to the unprecedented situation caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the lectures and other activities were organized online via the video conferencing platform Zoom, and were simultaneously broadcasted to YouTube. The Summer School (for college and university students), and the Refresher Course (for college and university teachers) were aimed at introducing Astronomy and Astrophysics as well as to give a flavour of current research topics in the field. The pa r t i c i pan t s we r e a l so i n t roduced t o t he Reports of Past Events 1-5 Welcome and Farewell 3 Colloquia and Seminars 5 Public Outreach Activities 6-12 Visitors 12 Introductory Summer School and Refresher Course in Astronomy and Astrophysics Eclipse under the bamboo Eclipse under the Bamboo Image Credit &Copyright: Somak Raychaudhury (Inter-University Centre for Astronomy&Astrophysics) Explanation: Want to watch a solar eclipse safely? During the June 21st solar eclipse this confusing display appeared under a shady bamboo grove in Pune, India. Small gaps between close knit leaves on the tall plants effectively created a network of randomly placed pinholes. Each one projected a separate image of the eclipsed Sun. The snapshot was taken close to the time of maximumeclipse in Pune when theMoon covered about 60 percent of the Sun's diameter. No. 123 - July 2020 1