Khagol # 124 - Oct 2020

KHAG L No. 124 OCTOBER 2020 | ISSN 0972-7647 A quarterly bulletin of the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (An Autonomous Institution of the University Grants Commission) Editor : Aseem Paranjape ( ) Editorial Assistant : Manjiri Mahabal ( ) Govind Swarup (1929-2020): A Tribute Follow us on our face book page : Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics Available online at Contents... Govind Swarup (1929-2020): A Tribute Welcome Congratulations & Farewell Addition to the IUCAA family Reports of Past Events Colloquia (Online) Neem Seminars (Online) Seminars (Online) Public Outreach Activities Visitors 1 to 3 4 & 5 5 6 to 8 8 to 11 9 10 11 12 to 16 16 SomakRaychaudhury: India is currently one of the world’s leading communities in studying the Universe at radio wavelengths, and it is largely because of Govind Swarup’s groundbreaking innovations. This he achieved by conceiving and constructing some of the most innovative telescopes and instruments ever built for the purpose, and by inspiring generations of young engineers and physicists, whom he taught not only to dream of impossible things, but how to achieve them. At Ooty, the TIFRgroup built the first unique giant telescope of Swarup’s design- made of fine wire mesh on a monolithic parabolic cylindrical frame, half a kilometer long and 30m wide, operating at 327 MHz. Some of the measurements of the counts of radio sources made by Kapahi and Swarup, made with this telescope, went on to provide strong support for the Big Bang theory of Cosmology. The same teammoved on to build the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) near Pune, which is now one of the top astronomical facilities of the world for two decades, studying all sorts of sources from planets, stars to radiogalaxies and supermassive black holes. GMRT is now a pathfinder observatory for the Square Kilometer Array, the next big innovation in radio astronomy, which also originated from Swarup’s ideas. The presence of Swarup, his teamand students, at theNational Centre for Radio Astrophysics, next door to IUCAA, and the close collaboration in a joint graduate school and research, has inspired frontline activities for IUCAA members and Associates fromColleges andUniversities. A hundred years from now, Govind Swarup will be remembered as the Man who came up with all the ideas, and knew how to turn these visions into the very tangible legacies he has left for us. | KHAG L | No. 124 - OCTOBER 2020 | 01 Govind Swarup FRS, one of the pioneers of science research and education in India, passed away in Pune on September 7, 2020, bringing about the end of an era. Here, we share the thoughts and reminiscences of the present and former Directors of IUCAAupon the passing of this legend.