No. 115 JULY 2018 The biennial Introductory Summer School in Astronomy and Astrophysics (for College and University Students) was conducted during May 14 - June 15, 2018, at IUCAA. Forty students from different parts of India participated in this school, which introduced the students to astronomy and astrophysics through a series of lectures delivered by IUCAA faculty members, including some of our visiting associates and a few faculty members from other institutions, with topics ranging from basic concepts to cu ing-edge research. The school also included hands-on sessions managed by the students and post-doctoral fellows of IUCAA, where different computing and astronomical data analysis techniqueswere demonstrated. The participants were also taken on a tour to the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) operated by NCRA, Pune, and the IUCAA Girawali Observatory (IGO). The students were very enthusiastic throughout the school and actively participated in the lectures and hands-on sessions by engaging in lively discussions with the lecturers. The school was concluded by a lecture on ‘Career Opportunities in Astronomy’ by a Senior Professor at IUCAA followed by a high tea. The scientific, technical and administrative staff of IUCAA played a vital role in ensuring that the school ran smoothly. Santosh Khadilkar and Manjiri Mahabal/Nirupama Bawdekar, in particular, managed a significant part of the administrativework. The faculty coordinator for the school was Kanak Saha. No. 115 - July 2018 01 PublicOutreach Activities 5 to 9 Colloquia, Seminars 10 Visitors 11, 12 Contents... Reports of Past Events 1 to 4 Congratulations 2 Farewell 3 Introductory Summer School in Astronomy and Astrophysics