Khagol 121

No. 121 January 2020 Aseem Paranjape ( Manjiri Mahabal ( Available online at Follow us on our face book page : inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics The 31st IUCAA Foundation Day Lecture was delivered on 29 December 2019 by Dr. K. VijayRaghavan, FRS, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. An alumnus of IIT, Kanpur and TIFR, Mumbai, Dr.VijayRaghavan is a distinguished professor in the field of developmental biology, genetics and neurogenetics. In an illustrious career spanning more than 30 years, Dr.VijayRaghavan has served in a number of important positions including Director of the National Centre for Biological Sciences (TIFR), in whose establishment he played an instrumental role, Secretary of the Department of Biotechnology, India, and most recently as the Principal ScientificAdviser to the Government of India. Amongst his many awards and honours are a Fellowship of the Royal Society, the Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology awarded by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India, and the Padma Shri awarded by t he Gove r nmen t o f India. The Lecture was titled ‘ M a n t h a n : T h e promises and perils of the churning of data’ a n d d e a l t w i t h t h e myriad questions and c h a l l e n g e s f a c i n g human society in an age where the processing of information of all kinds is being handed over to increasingly complex machines or artificial intelligence (AI). Subhadeep De Dipanjan Mukherjee ... See page 2 Thirty-First Foundation Day Lecture Reports of Past Events 1 - 16 Congratulations 4 Welcome and Farewell 1, 2, 4 Colloquia and Seminars 16 Public Outreach Activities 17 - 22 Obituary 22 Visitors 22 - 24 New Core Faculty for IUCAA No. 121 - January 2020 1