Khagol 120

No. 120 October 2019 Aseem Paranjape ( Manjiri Mahabal ( Available online at Follow us on our face book page : inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics The IFAS5 (5th Indo-French Astronomy School) was held at IUCAA during August 16-24, 2019. This was the 5th in the series of IFASwhich are alternatively held at IUCAA, Pune and Lyon, France. The topic of this school was Spectroscopy and Spectrographs. As was decided in IFAS4, the school was held for a longer duration which helped the participants to spend more time on the allotted projects. The resource persons were Philippe Prugniel and Roland Bacon (CRAL, Lyon); Mohammad Akhlaghi (IAC, Tenerife); Ranjan Gupta, A. N. Ramaprakash, Ajit Kembhavi and Kanak Saha (IUCAA, Pune); Sunetra Giridhar (IIA, Bengaluru) and Harinder P. Singh (Universityof Delhi, Delhi). The topics covered ranged from Spectrographs and Spectra - Observation and Data-reduction techniques; Spectroscopic analysis and Spectral classification; Integral field spectroscopy, the art to split the light into pieces; Gnuastro (tutorial) and principles of preparing 'reproducible research'; Polarimetry; Deep Learning Applications to Stellar and X-ray Binary Spectra and Extragalactic research byAstroSat. There were 7 projects given by the resource persons and the topics were: Automated Spectral Classification of Two Spectral Libraries; Extragalactic Fishing Experiment in the MUSE Hubble deep field; Find high redshift galaxies not even seen by Hubble; Identifying emission-line objects and understanding the detection limits; Stellar abundances using high-resolution spectra; Polarimetry Data Analysis; Determination of stellar atmospheric Indo-French Astronomy School (IFAS5) on Spectroscopy and Spectrographs No. 120 - October 2019 Public Outreach Activities 8 - 13 Visitors 15,16 Obituary 14 Colloquia and Seminars 7 Congratulations 3 Welcome & Farewell 6,7 Reports of Past Events 1 - 5 1